Designed By Christopher Nobbs
Poster by Chris Nobbs

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Christian is a writer, that’s all he has ever wanted to be, and all he knows. Without it, he feels worthless. When Christian sits down to write the finale to his masterpiece, he starts to have doubts over killing off his leading lady and greatest creation, Regan. But when Regan starts speaking to him, she helps him finish the story and let go – realising he attached more to her meaning than he first imagined…

Director: Christopher Lombard & Djonny Chen

Director of Photography: Sarah Jones

Editor: Chris Polding

Composer: Tim Heath

Starring: Tomasz Aleksander Paula Preston Andrew Dowbiggin Laura Clinton

Run Time: 11mins


Read the final shooting script – The Writer – Shooting Script

Production Photos

Photos by Andrew Lock

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The Craftsmanposter

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An ageing retired assassin Albert Ryan, is forced to come out of retirement to protect his dying wife. But at what cost. He will do anything to protect her.

Director: Lee Murphy

Writer: Christopher Lombard Lee Murphy Stuart Neville (Based on short story by)

Director of Photography: Mark Hamilton

Editor: Joe Parsons

Composer: Gareth Cousins

Starring: Matt Brewer Perry Lambert Donal Cox Jennifer Munby

Run Time: 15mins


Read the final shooting script: The Craftsman – The Craftsman – Shooting Script (16 SEP)

Production Photos


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